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10:20 NCL Shell First release of NCL Shell (nclsh-1.0.0)
This is the first official release of nclsh. See [[Wiki]] for a more detailed description of this tool. Please downlo...


12:09 Redmine User Information Important info on email notification
Dear user of the ZMAW Redmine Service,
due to users' demand, and in our endless efforts to make our Redmine system...


10:28 Redmine User Information How to add a git repository to your Redmine project
Redmine supports git repositories, but to use them from another server is not straightforward. A new wiki entry in [[...


09:58 Redmine User Information How to create tables and other examples
Creating tables in the Redmine Wiki and other pages is quite easy, but the formatting used for this is not readily fo...


12:40 Redmine User Information Changed default columns in Issues' list
Some time ago, some projects needed the 'Category' column in their issue list. In those days, this could only be done...


12:52 CDO Open discussion: PS: Why mul(missval, 0) = 0 and ifthen(0, _) = missval ?
Actually, there was another hitch: when I finally wanted to apply the 1/missval mask to file2, I could not use @mul@ ...
11:45 CDO Open discussion: RE: Why mul(missval, 0) = 0 and ifthen(0, _) = missval ?
The application I had in mind was the comparison of two (ocean data) files, where the first file contains missing val...


18:05 CDO Open discussion: Why mul(missval, 0) = 0 and ifthen(0, _) = missval ?
I have difficulties in understanding the rationale behind the handling of zero (0) values in @mul@ and @ifthen@ opera...

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