Thomas Jahns

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15:03 CDO Open discussion: RE: error installing libs4cdo [h5diff.lo]
The problem is that -ansi is in your CFLAGS but ISO C99 support is needed. Since your C compiler seems to be gcc 4.8....


18:46 CDO Support: RE: Inverse of sortlevel
So to wrap things up: a descending sorting of pressure levels is unproblematic and thanks to Uwe has become part of t...


15:15 CDO Support: RE: Inverse of sortlevel
Another alternative which I'm currently investigating: can I somehow set/change the level sequence streamReadVar uses?
14:58 CDO Support: RE: Inverse of sortlevel
Thank you for the suggestion Ralf, but the sorting I need is in this order:
# records for one timestep should be c...
12:55 CDO Support: Inverse of sortlevel
Hello everyone,
I'm trying to sort a time-sorted GRIB file in which for each timestep the variable codes and level...

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