Frank Kaspar



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11:28 CDO Support: RE: Error (cdf_put_vara_double) : Protocol error
Dear Uwe,
I have seen the same problem, but it does not seem to be related to a specfic type of input. It is rath...


15:01 CDO Open discussion: EUMETSAT conference presentation on application of CDO for processing CMSAF prod...
Dear Uwe, dear Ralf,
perhaps you remember that I gave a presentation (with you both as co-authors) at the EUMETSAT...


09:00 CDO CDO win32 Feedback: RE: steps for cross-compiling the win32-executable (slight correction)
I applied the correction to the original post. Please ignore this comment.
-Frank Kaspar wrote:-
-> @./configur...


22:10 CDO CDO win32 Feedback: steps for cross-compiling the win32-executable (on ubuntu-9.10 running in Vir...
Hi Ralf,
thanks for the excellent work concerning the cross-compilation of CDO for Windows-Platforms.
I was al...

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